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How it works.


We help with the “extras” by doing a little extra and, in turn, making a difference in the lives of people (all ages and
genders) who are fighting cancer (all types of cancer) —one Gift of Love at a time. Because they are unique to the
individual’s needs, Gifts of Love come in all shapes and sizes. They might be a one-time monetary gift or service, assistance
with housing expenses or groceries, a weekend getaway, tickets to an event, or something as simple as a gas card or a taxi
ride. The commonality they share is the same as the reason they exist: to help with the “extras” by doing a little extra
—one Gift of Love at a time.

Referrals for Gifts of Love may come from health care or counseling professionals, but most often they are brought forward
by a neighbor, friend, or a relative. The Chix 4 a Cause board of directors is responsible for reviewing and qualifying referrals
for Gifts of Love. Since the organization’s founding, we have provided more than $160,000 in Gifts of Love to individuals and
families in Wisconsin who are fighting cancer.

Chix 4 a Cause provides Gifts of Love to help people (all ages and genders) fighting cancer (all kinds of cancer) get
through tough times. We are a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Funds raised for this organization
help support our Gifts of Love program.

Your support is what makes it all possible –
please help us continue to make a difference for people who are fighting cancer.

One Gift of Love at a time.

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Gifts of Love Testimonials

“I hardly know where to begin to thank you and your organization for the most generous gifts your gave us. Most of all, it was the warmth that you brought into our live. We were dumb-founded, and yet, grateful for you and the other volunteers to take the time out of your day for us. We have never been so blessed with the very kindness of strangers who touched our hearts. Thank you.”
—Al & Dorothy & family

PO Box 871 West Bend, WI 53095