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How Mentorship May Benefit Cancer Patients and Survivors

Having a mentor to support during and your journey with cancer can be invaluable. You may

substantially benefit from having the support of someone who has been through their own journey and come out on top.

A cancer mentor may meet you at your first appointment with an oncologist, sit with you during treatment, or offer to drive you to and from appointments. They know that you may be feeling tired, emotional, or ill afterward. A mentor may offer emotional support over the phone, email, or online chat. They can be a strong resource if you reach out to them.

If you are interested in obtaining a cancer mentor, talk with your local hospital or treatment center to see what they offer. Or, google support groups that offer online and national support. Be sure you ask others who are fighting cancer if they know of any resources and what helps them on their journey. A local Cancer Support Community or connections through church or synagogue may be helpful.

If you or someone you know is fighting cancer, reach out to Chix 4 a Cause for short-term financial and/or long-term emotional support. Visit to learn about our Gifts of Love program today.

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