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How it works.



We help with the “extras” by doing a little extra and, in turn, making a difference in the lives of people (all ages and genders) who are fighting cancer (all types of cancer) —one Gift of Love at a time. Because they are unique to the individual’s needs, Gifts of Love come in all shapes and sizes. They might be a one-time monetary gift or service, assistance with housing expenses or groceries, a weekend getaway, tickets to an event, or something as simple as a gas card or a taxi ride. The commonality they share is the same as the reason they exist: to help with the “extras” by doing a little extra—one Gift of Love at a time.

Referrals for Gifts of Love may come from health care or counseling professionals, but most often they are brought forward by a neighbor, friend, or a relative. The Chix 4 a Cause board of directors is responsible for reviewing and qualifying referrals for Gifts of Love. Since the organization’s founding, we have provided more than $160,000 in Gifts of Love to individuals and families in Wisconsin who are fighting cancer.

Chix 4 a Cause provides Gifts of Love to help people (all ages and genders) fighting cancer (all kinds of cancer) get through tough times. We are a community-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Funds raised for this organization help support our Gifts of Love program.

Your support is what makes it all possible – Please help us continue
to make a difference for people who are fighting cancer...

One Gift of Love at a time.

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