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Ways to Help

We offer 2 primary programs - Gifts of Love and Emotional Care Packages. Each provide customized support for individuals battling cancer unique to a person’s needs. 

Gifts of Love can be requested by health care professionals or social workers, but are most often suggested by loving friends, family or neighbors hoping to do a little extra for their loved one fighting cancer. A Gift of Love may include help with housing expenses, grocery bills, transportation costs, or certificates for a dinner out or a weekend away with the grandkids. Each and every gift is customized to the recipient. The goal is to help ease the burden of a cancer diagnosis, if even for a moment.

We also provide
Emotional Care Packages that are lovingly assembled. Designed to provide emotional support, these packages are filled with calming activities and resources to show a loved one how much you care.

"There were so many special touches in your Gift of Love that it felt like you really knew me."  Recent Recipient

Our Impact

We've touched the lives of 389 cancer fighters since inception in 2004.
We've provided...


 Help make a difference in the lives of those
battling cancer. Please donate today!

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