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Chix 4 a Cause Visionary Founder and CEO Jillian Clark learned this firsthand. Having three friends and her grandmother diagnosed in the same year changed her life—4ever. Jillian offered support in traditional ways, but the desire to do something more continued tugging at her soul.

In addition to the emotional ramifications, a cancer diagnosis often means that medical appointments, tests, surgeries, treatments, side effects, and checkups suddenly monopolize a lot of time. Cancer doesn’t stop life from happening, but it can add tough times to the mix. A person with cancer must still go to a job, pay bills, care for children and other family members, take care of a home—live life!


In spring of 2005 Clark rented space in the Old Courthouse in West Bend, WI, convinced people to donate food, beverages and auction items, provided music entertainment and invited her friends, their friends, and their friend’s friends to come out for an evening of celebration to support the cause. That event raised $6,000 and kick-started the nonprofit organization that would reach out with Gifts of Love to people fighting cancer in their immediate community.

In April of 2012 we held our eighth annual Evening of Celebration! Additionally we have several business partners and organizations who sponsor fund raisers of their own to support the cause. Thanks to these businesses, organizations and many amazing volunteers dedicated to making a difference, we have provided over 250 Gifts of Love and have expandedour reach beyond West Bend and Washington County - now serving southeast Wisconsin. As they are unique to the individual/family need Gifts of Love vary. They may include (but are not limited to) things such as a one time monetary gift, a mortgage/rent payment, a utility payment, gas cards, a computer, a night out or a weekend away to cleaning services, resource connections, prayer shawls, and emotional support. Whatever it takes.

Chix 4 a Cause LTD is making a difference, one Gift of Love at a time and you are invited to join the cause.

If you are interested in helping the effort, please explore our site! Come to an event, volunteer or donate! We can't wait to meet you soon.

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