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As a Cancer Survivor, Start Your Day Right

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, your life has changed forever. The first few weeks or months require a substantial adjustment in your daily routine. How you acknowledge and combat the disease, and how you see life itself, are altered.

As a survivor developing a new routine to continue fighting against having the cancer return, you need to keep your stress and anxiety levels down. You already have enough to be concerned about and don’t need to add to the list.

When you wake up each morning, try setting an affirmation for a very positive, cancer-free future. Be grateful you have another day to be amazed at the world around you. Take a moment to send healing thoughts to all cancer fighters and survivors in the world. It takes only a minute or two and can make a huge difference.

When you get out of bed to start your day, be sure you exercise in some manner. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Do simple arm movements. Practice deep breathing. Even if you can’t get outside or have a walker or wheelchair, you can perform some form of exercise. Find what works best for you and use it.

Listen to music each day. Write in your journal. If you have pets, interact with them. Be amazed at and inspired by the natural world. Take time to see and reflect on what’s around you. Remain engaged with your life rather than cancer.

If you or someone you know is fighting cancer, reach out to Chix 4 a Cause. Learn more about our Gifts of Love program at today.

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