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Cancer May Expand Your Friendship Circle

When fighting cancer, you may want to talk to people who are on their own journey rather than people who have never fought the disease. If that is the case, you may decide to join a support group and discuss with strangers the things that you don’t bring up with your closest friends. Although such behavior typically is not done otherwise, you might feel better sharing with strangers who can relate to your cancer diagnosis, treatment decisions, and fears of living with cancer. Through your shared experience, you might even become friends.

Over time, you may decide to let your new friends into your established circle of support.

Even though you may go into remission and might no longer need the group, you could still get together with certain people or keep in touch through phone calls, emails, or texts. You can share your fears to regain control of how you think about cancer. Knowing you aren’t the only one who fought the disease can be a huge relief. You even could attend survivor parties together to focus on what really matters.

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