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Celebrate Your Cancerversary

Like many people, you may celebrate your cancerversary – the anniversary of a specific time, date, or event in the life of someone touched by cancer. Because each person’s journey is unique, you may choose different milestones to celebrate. You want to remember how far you’ve come since being diagnosed and celebrate the fact that you are alive.

Common milestones to celebrate include:

The anniversary of a cancer diagnosis

The anniversary of cancer surgery

The completion of radiation or chemotherapy treatment

Results from tests that show treatment is working

A diagnosis of NED (No Evidence of Disease)

By celebrating special milestones along your cancer journey, you acknowledge the challenges you have overcome and focus on your future.

Typical ways to commemorate your cancerversary include the following:

Reflecting: Look back and reflect on how far you've come. Perhaps you take notes or enjoy journaling. Jotting down your feelings, treatments, or other cancer-related events will help you remember your journey. Or, you may find blogging helpful. You may create an online diary and add photos or posts whenever you choose.

Getting away: Go on a vacation or take a day trip to a destination you've always wanted to visit. This is a great way to mark a milestone on your cancer journey. Making new memories while in a relaxing setting can be very therapeutic.

Making your mark: You may want to leave a mark on society. Planting a tree is a good way to do that. Trees are symbolic and represent new birth or life. You also may be able to leave your mark on the wall of a community center or other venue. Be sure to ask permission before leaving an indelible mark in a public place.

Crossing an item off your bucket list: Perhaps you've been longing to do something exciting and you've had it on your list of things to do for some time. Go for it! This is a wonderful way to celebrate you.

Joining a community celebration: One of the best ways to celebrate a cancerversary is to do it in the company of others. Perhaps a survivor's walk or other community event would be the perfect way to mark this special occasion.

Throwing a party: Many like to celebrate their cancer milestone with loved ones and friends by letting them know their support is valued. A party is a fun way to celebrate good fortune. Blow up balloons, order a cake, and wear a silly hat! Do whatever you choose to make the day a special one for yourself.

Giving back: A beautiful way to celebrate your special milestone is to help someone who may be beginning their own cancer journey. You can offer love and support by sharing your experiences, volunteering, or just listening.

Pampering yourself: You are special, and you deserve to be pampered! Visit a spa, enjoy a play, see a movie, take a creative arts class or find another way to show yourself some love and attention.

Setting a goal: Since you've reached your cancerversary, why not set a new goal for your next milestone? Your goal can be anything you'd like it to be.

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