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Do What It Takes to Make It Through Your Journey with Cancer

Almost everyone experiences trauma at some point in their life. When this happens, you do whatever it takes to get through. Of course, this principle applies if you receive a cancer diagnosis. No matter how big or small something may seem, if it helps you cope, be sure to include it as you move forward to better times.

Here are some actions that may gain significant importance as you work your way along a journey with cancer.

If you enjoy being creative, notebooks, pens, markers, and stickers may become emotional anchors. You might decide to journal about your experiences, thoughts, and reflections. Perhaps you carry your notebook to treatments and doctor appointments. You might jot down inspirational quotes that provide motivation to move forward. Or, you could add pictures of family, friends, or favorite destinations you enjoy or want to escape to. Since everything you decide to do is judgement free, do what makes you feel good.

Consider writing down a WHY statement. This can be your reason for pushing along on your journey with cancer. Think about why you’re enduring all the chemotherapy, surgeries, and treatments. In addition to regaining your health, expand on your answer. Cancer treatment is difficult and can take a long time. You may get physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted. Your body will change as your feelings get tested. Anger, sadness, and fear can result. Having a WHY statement provides encouragement to continue moving forward.

Think about creating a calendar that reflects your cancer treatments, doctor appointments, surgeries, and other scheduled care. Crossing off a round of chemotherapy can be very satisfying. It’s one less thing you have to endure again. You should feel one step closer to being done with treatment every time a task is completed.

Ask for and accept help from family and friends. As independent as you may be, you cannot do everything on your own. This is especially true after surgery, if you have restrictions on how much you can move or lift. Your loved ones will be happy to help however you need. They want the best for you and will do what it takes to help you move forward.

Because everyone’s journey with cancer is different, what helps one person through differs from what helps another person through. This is why Chix 4 a Cause continues to modify the emotional support items included in Gifts of Love Boxes. To learn more about these Boxes, or to have one shipped to someone you care about who’s battling cancer, visit today.

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