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Focus on Your Future

After fighting cancer for many years, your doctor has declared that your treatment is done. You officially kicked cancer’s butt. Congratulations! You should be on top of the world!

Unfortunately, you may find yourself focusing on what your life used to look like before you were diagnosed. Perhaps, like many people, you made cancer your constant companion. You also may want back the life you used to have. Although you might desire to pick up where you left off, unfortunately, that’s not possible.

After winning your fight against cancer, you have to accept what is now your new normal. Although you may not like what happened or what it stood for, your life has changed. The good news is that you decide how you want things to look like moving forward.

Think about what specifics you miss about your pervious life. Perhaps you were able to spend a lot of time with family and friends before you became too tired from treatment to stay awake for long periods. Maybe you were able to set and achieve daily, weekly, monthly, or annual goals before you switched your focus to making it through every moment day by day. You might have performed work you love until you no longer had the energy to do so. Determine what you liked best about your old life and recreate it. If that’s not possible, find ways to add fulfillment to your days going forward. Once again, you are in control of your future. Make the most of it!

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