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Journal Your Way Through Cancer

Like many cancer patients, you may find that journaling helps you find your way through your journey. When something becomes really intense and your mind keeps thinking about it, it may help to write about it. Since many therapists recommend journaling, you may want to consider it. Writing down your thoughts can help you stay a bit saner than keeping things inside.

There is no one right way to journal. You may choose to handwrite or type, draw or sketch, even clip pictures from magazines. You can add to your journal many times per day, once a day or whenever you feel like it. You may feel like ranting, providing a detailed observation, list, letter never mailed or copy of a letter or email someone sent you. You even could keep a travel log of your life experiences.

Depending on how you feel and what you experience at any given moment, your journal may be a combination of any or all of these elements. Your technique, frequency and content are up to you. If you find yourself falling into patterns, remember you may change things up at any time. Your journal is for your eyes only. It’s there to help you keep things in perspective

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