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Maximize Telehealth Appointments During COVID-19

Fighting cancer can be emotionally stressful. Fighting a pandemic at the same time can make things even harder. Although you probably have your own methods for dealing with sadness and distress, they may not always be enough. A good option is to talk with a professional who’s trained to counsel people with cancer. Because of the increased need for physical safety due to the coronavirus, you might decide to talk with a mental health professional through a secure, online platform rather than at their office. Opting for telehealth appointments provides other advantages as well. You don’t need transportation, it’s easier to virtually meet with a professional than go to the office, and you might have a lower copay.

Here are some tips to make the most of telehealth appointments during a pandemic.

- Choose a relaxing location to talk from. This might be your bedroom or somewhere else with a closed door. Since you’re talking about very personal matters, your privacy is important.

- Minimize interruptions. Turn off the television, notifications on your mobile devices, and anything else that will divert your attention. If you have family members living with you, let them know you can’t be disturbed unless there’s an emergency.

- Understand the technology. Use a strong internet browser. Check in early to resolve any issues. Adjust the volume and video as needed.

- Set appointments for times when you’re at your best. Whether it’s early or late morning or afternoon, you’ll have more energy and be able to better communicate.

Fighting cancer takes an emotional toll on people. This is even worse when fighting a pandemic. If you or someone you know is battling cancer, contact Chix 4 a Cause. Learn about our Gifts of Love program at today.

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