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Stop Focusing on Fear

Letting go of fear during a journey with cancer can be difficult. There’s most likely a lot on your mind, including things you’re dwelling on or worrying about.

Fear can be all-consuming. It gets exhausting and impedes your healing. You may be concerned about family members, friends, your daily life, and other issues. If you go into remission, you might worry about the cancer recurring.

The key is to analyze exactly what you’re afraid of and find ways to overcome it.

Perhaps you’re not afraid of dying, you’re afraid of leaving your children. If so, you may want to ask friends to help your children in the event that you’re no longer able to. You could ask one friend to take care of your children’s needs for fitting in with their peers, another to help your spouse guide your children in their education, or a third friend to help your children’s spiritual growth. Knowing your children will have help growing up can be source of calm during the storm.

Focusing on activities that interest you can help. Read a book, make jewelry, or write in a journal. Participate in yoga, running, or meditation. Take on a hobby. Attend religious services. See a therapist. Do what it takes to shift your focus and be productive.

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