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Use Meal Planning to Make the Most of Your Grocery Store Trips

If you’re fighting cancer during COVID-19, regular trips to the grocery store can be stressful. Having a depressed immune system makes you more susceptible to contracting the coronavirus. As a result, you may not want to venture out each week. Fortunately, planning ahead can help you make the most of your grocery trips while maintaining your health.

Find out how you can plan your meals in advance to maximize your grocery trips.

Sit down with a paper and pen, or your phone, before going to the grocery store. Think about the types of meals and snacks you want to eat over the next week or two. Creating a healthy menu in advance will cut down on your time spent wandering the grocery aisles. You’ll get more done at one time and avoid going back a second time or as frequently.

Consider fresh produce and food that goes in your refrigerator as well as your pantry. Aim for a balance of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nonperishable foods. You’ll get the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

Plan at least one fruit or vegetable with every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rather than as just a side dish, include the fruit or vegetable in the main entrée when possible. For instance, if you make lasagna, think about putting spinach or another vegetable in it. Be sure to consider how long fresh fruits and vegetables will stay edible so you consume them in a reasonable amount of time.

Repurpose the food you prepare so you’re not making something new every time. For instance, make a lemon chicken breast with rice and asparagus for dinner. Chop up the leftover chicken and add it to a salad for lunch the next day.

Finding ways to make the most of each day is especially helpful when fighting cancer. If you or someone you know is battling the disease, reach out to Chix 4 a Cause. Learn more about our Gifts of Love program at today.

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