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Weed Out Physical and Mental Clutter

Physical and mental clutter can wear down anyone. This is especially true if you’re battling cancer. Whether the clutter is due to things lying around your home or unhelpful thoughts running around your head, you need to clear the areas. Making physical and mental space allows you to move around unencumbered. It eases anxiety and stress, making things a bit easier as you move forward.

Follow these tips to reduce the physical and mental clutter in your life as you

move along your journey with cancer.

Create a to-do list. Include the medical appointments you need to make and self-care items like massages and haircuts to set up. Reduce your stress by creating space for good things to come your way.

Put things you use all the time into easily reached places. Similarly, put things you use less

frequently in places that are less easily reached. Put things you rarely use in hard-to-reach areas.

Get rid of the items you don’t need. When you see something that doesn’t make you feel good or that you haven’t used recently, either store it or get rid of it. Freeing up space to move and attract good things improves your energy.

If you’re battling fatigue, work in small areas like one shelf or drawer at a time. Or, set a timer

for 10 minutes at a time and see how much you get done. Try these tactics a few times each


Get in the habit of looking for unused items as you go about your day. When you open a

bathroom drawer, throw out dated and unused items. When you go through a dresser drawer,

throw out socks with holes or missing mates. Get in the habit of putting back things when you’re done using them.

Getting rid of physical and mental clutter during your journey with cancer provides peace and calm among a time a stress and worry. For additional support, reach out to Chix 4 a Cause. Learn more about our Gifts of Love program at

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